Six Reasons To Choose 网赌正规app

Welcome! While we have a lot of reasons as to why you should choose 网赌正规app, listed below are just our top reasons. And as long as you are exploring, visit 校园生活, 招生, 竞技和我们 Leadership Lived page, where you can meet other students who are shaping their own 网赌正规app lives. We would love to meet you! Check out our 预览天 schedule for this year.

Family celebrates graduation

1. A University of Illinois degree👌

We are proud to be one of three universities in the world class University of Illinois System. Your degree will be among the most recognizable and prestigious in the nation 和 will open doors for you in whichever field you choose.


Exercise Science Class is shown how to wrap an ankle

2. Small Classes 和 Professors Who Know You 📚

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Student meets with Government Representative

3. Government Connections 🤝

You can’t swing the proverbial cat at the Illinois Statehouse without hitting a 网赌正规app graduate. The same goes for Illinois’ state agencies, lobbying firms, 和 dozens of non-profit organizations. Coincidence? Hardly. Strong programs in Political Science, 公共政策, 法律研究, Public 管理, Criminal Justice, 全球研究, Environmental Studies, 公共卫生, Public Affairs Reporting, 和 more, along with extraordinary connections to government create the perfect storm to produce generation after generation of leaders dedicated to public service.


Professor 和 Student look closely at sample collected

4. 研究 机会 🔍

Both undergraduates and graduate students are not only invited but encouraged to share labs and projects with professors, and to publish 和 present alongside them. 网赌正规app is home to research institutes such as the Center for State Policy 和 Leadership 和 owns research facilities such as the Emiquon Field Station, where students work alongside scientists from the Nature Conservancy, documenting one of the largest wetl和s restorations in the world.


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5. Nationally recognized Online Learning 💻

Be a full-time online student, blend your classes (some online, some on campus), or take them all on campus- the choice is yours at 网赌正规app. The difference between 网赌正规app 和 other 在线课程? The same professors who teach in the classrooms teach in our 27 entirely online degree programs 和 the dozens of online classes offered each semester. No matter if you’re all online or all on campus, you get the same University of Illinois degree.

Roommates study in Lincoln Residence Hall

6. 活的 on Campus 🛏

A safe, beautiful campus 和 the most luxurious 宿舍 in Illinois. Visit us 和 you’ll see we can back that up. Our 联排别墅 are also highly sought after – offering private bedrooms, cathedral ceilings, high speed internet, 和 private parking lots. Comfortable 公寓家庭住房 round out the residential offerings.